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Dear Friend,

Hometown Family Medicine has been the realization of a life-long dream for me. Caring for you and the other wonderful patients that have found their medical home at Hometown has been an honor. I have been so fortunate to have Missy, Alleyah, Reba, and Carrie become a part of Hometown. Their commitment to serving you inspired me to do my best every day. It had been my plan to practice here until I retired, but external factors have made that impossible. 

As of October 10th, 2017, Hometown will be closing its doors. I am moving my practice to California, joining the Kaiser Permanente group. For your future medical care, I am recommending two clinics. For adult patients, the office of Dr. Joahn Hall at 7800 Paseo, (816) 523-3055 and for pediatric patients/ families, KC Care Clinic at 4601 Independence Ave.  (816) 753-5144. 

If you did not receive your notice in the mail, feel free to stop by the office to complete a release of information form to have your records sent to your new physician before October 10th. After that date, requests will be processed by a HIPAA compliant records storage vendor. I will update this site with the company contact information after October 10th. 

It has been an amazing experience to serve you and your families at Hometown. I will miss all of you. Know that you will continue to be in my nightly prayers, to be blessed with happiness, peace, and good health.  


Linnea Williams DO

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